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June 2021

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June 2, 2021

Microsoft Teams ProjectPlace Connector Update

The notifications about card updates on connected boards in an MS Teams channel now also contains the name of the workspace that the board belongs to, which will make it easier to identify the board's location when there are several boards with the same or similar names in different workspaces.


For more information, visit Use ProjectPlace with Microsoft Teams.

June 9, 2021

More Microsoft Teams ProjectPlace Connector Updates

When the ProjectPlace app is added to a Microsoft Teams channel, Teams will now remember which page the user was on when leaving the app and redirect them to that page upon their return (previously, users were always redirected back to My Overview upon return). To benefit from this update, users have to first remove the ProjectPlace app and then add it back again to the Teams channel.

For more information, visit Use ProjectPlace with Microsoft Teams.

June 16, 2021

New Project Methodology Template for EU Datacenter Customers

Customers with their account in our EU datacenter will have access to the new ProjectPlace XLPM 1.0 workspace template (in English). The workspace template is based on the XLPM Project methodology, a commonly used Project methodology in the Nordics, developed by our partner Semcon. The template provides a suggested structure with activities and tollgates, an overview into what each activity should include, and tips and checklists to ensure a successful delivery. More in-depth support is also available in XLPM online (requires a separate subscription).

For more information, visit our partner Semcon's page on their project methodology XLPM.

June 23, 2021

Account Administration Enhancements

To help account administrators better curate workspace templates available to their accounts, we've updated the access settings for workspace templates. Now, when a private workspace template is published to the account, all account administrators will be granted access to edit the template (content and/or administrator of the template).​

For more information, visit Administrate Workspace Templates.

Board Settings Updates

The Board settings have been updated with collapsible sections, to prepare for some upcoming enhancements and to make it easier for users to find the right section to modify.

For more information, visit Customize a Board to Fit Your Way of Working.

June 30, 2021 

New Board Burn Down Chart 

The Board burn down chart, which is used to see how work is completed over time on a specific board, has been updated with the following enhancements:

  • Upgraded chart view with better visuals, including display of scope changes during the selected period​
  • Percent complete metric displayed​ for the selected period
  • Filter panel to filter information on Activities, Labels, Tags, and Status columns will help users dive into work progress based on these aspects

For more information, visit Follow-up on Work Progress.

Updated Portfolio List View 

We have updated the KPI list view to offer a more consistent user experience and added a small improvement; when hovering over the number of portfolios the KPI is included in, a list of the portfolios​ is displayed.

The Single Portfolio list view has also been updated with the following changes:​

  • Updated list view with regular horizontal scrolling ​to display KPI status information
  • Filter panel to filter information on Workspace name, Priority, Workspace Status, Status reporter or Last date of reporting to zoom in on status of certain workspaces in large portfolios​
  • Updated Schedule view shown side-by-side to the list view. Ability to collapse part of the list view or the entire Schedule view.
  • Updated Export to Excel function to run in the background to facilitate export of large portfolios. A notification will be sent to the user initiating the export when it is ready for download.

For more information, visit Work with Portfolios.

Mobile Apps Updates 

Users of the Android app (iOS support to follow shortly) will also have access to risks and issues from the app with the ability to:

  • See assigned risks or issues on My Overview
  • Get in-app notifications when receiving a new risk/issue assignment or an assignment is due
  • See and filter current risks and issues inside a workspace
  • Create new risks or issues

The ProjectPlace iOS and Android apps are available for download in the app stores.


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