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Planview Customer Success Center

December 2017

Manage and delete KPIs

Workspace administrators report their project status to portfolios using a set of Key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be tailored to the need of the organization. With the Projectplace Portfolio tool, tracking KPIs is simple.

  • Portfolio administrators will now see two additional columns in the Manage KPIs list:  Portfolio Count and Last Opened. The Portfolio Count column includes the number of portfolios each KPI is included in while the Last Opened column includes the date when the KPI was last reported on.
  • This product release now allows portfolio administrators to delete unused KPIs from the account.

To learn more about working with KPIs, visit Create custom KPIs for the account.

Card and Activity dashboards

With the new Card and Activity dashboards in the Workspace Overview, you can easily track project status at a glance.  You can quickly understand how many activities and cards are completed, overdue, or are upcoming without having to find this information elsewhere in the workspace.

Learn more about cards by visiting Work with a card. To learn more about the Plan tool and working with activities, visit Planning.

Online Meetings

The Projectplace Online Meetings add-on now also supports Mac OS High Sierra.  To learn more about how to start or join an online meeting, visit Start and join online meetings.

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