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August 2017

With the August Release of ProjectPlace, we are excited to introduce new capabilities that will improve your experiences in both the creation and completion of workspaces. You can now enhance the team’s efficiency in getting projects off the ground quickly with ProjectPlace’s new Templates Library. It includes pre-populated workspaces for use across different departments in your organization. We are also making it possible to automate your workspace closing and archiving processes.

Template library

Planning projects is far from simple, especially if you don’t know where to begin. ProjectPlace’s brand new Templates Library was built for just this purpose. It lets you accelerate your planning process so that your teams can focus on the important stuff, executing on the project’s goals. Enjoy pre-populated templates for Marketing, IT, HR, and Services, complete with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and document repositories. This will help to ensure that your resources always have a place to start with a clear path to the finish.

Templates include:

  • Planview SOW Consulting Template

  • Planview Employee Reference Workspace Template

  • Planview Recruitment Portal Template

  • Planview GDPR Compliance Checklist Template

  • Planview PR Media Pitching Template

  • Planview Event Planning Template

  • Planview Agile Marketing Template

  • Office Relocation Template

We will continue to build out the Template Library and would love to get your feedback on what kind of templates would benefit your team the most. Give us your thoughts by using the Feedback functionality in ProjectPlace. Just click on your avatar in the top right of the navigation bar and select Feedback to be directed to ProjectPlace Ideas.

Archiving automation

Do you find your list of workspaces only getting longer? Your team may be letting completed projects fall through the cracks, without bringing them to a proper close. With ProjectPlace’s new workspace archiving automation, account administrators can facilitate if and when a workspace gets archived. 

As a workspace head administrator you can now receive a notification whenever a plan's end date has been reached, helping you stay on top of all your active work. You can also customize how long a workspace should live on once its plan end date has been reached. Ultimately, we are giving administrators the necessary governance capabilities to keep their teams focused on workspaces in-flight rather than those lying dormant. 

Refer to the Define automated actions for workspace archiving section of Manage account settings for instructions.

Custom fields on cards

We have continued to work on custom fields on cards and are now introducing two new field types; drop-down and time. See Manage custom fields.


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