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Export and Download Documents

Export Document List

Export a list of the complete folder and document structure in a project to Microsoft Excel to get an overview, track changes, or adhere to standards and regulations. Details such as creation date, modification date, and version number are included in the list.

To export a list of all documents: 

  1. Navigate to the Documents tool.
  2. Click the options menu icon  and select Export list of documents.
  3. The document list is opened in Excel and can be saved locally to your computer.

Download Documents

Download parts of, or the entire, document archive if you have a need to do a local backup. This is useful, for example, to comply with archiving requirements when a project has been completed. The downloaded documents and folders are compressed into a zip file.

Unusual characters such as #, %, &, etc. in folder or document names can cause problems when downloading. You should also delete empty documents and folders (with size zero k) before downloading.

To download documents:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tool,
  2. Select the documents and folders that you want to download.
  3. From the document or folder detail pane, click the more options menu  and select Download
  4. Select the option Include all versions… if you want to download all version of documents where version management is activated.
  5. Click OK
  6. A compressed file will be saved to your computer if you download multiple files or include versions. 

You must have a file compression tool installed on your computer to unpack the compressed file.

If you download several files that together are larger in size than approximately 1.5 GB, you may get an error message when trying to unzip the file saying that the file is corrupted. Ensure to download large files separately to avoid files getting corrupted during download.

You can also run into problems if the complete file path exceeds 256 characters. In this case, you can download subfolders instead, rename folders, or make sure the file is saved high up in the document structure on your computer (for example on the desktop).

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