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October 2020

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Account Administration

Control Third-Party Document Repositories​

Account administrators can now control which third-party document repositories they want to use within their organization.

  • Settings option available from Account Administration Overview (drop down menu in upper right hand corner)
  • All third-party repositories (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc.) will be enabled by default
  • If the account administrator disables a third-party repository, it will no longer be visible in the file picker for attachments
  • All attached documents from disabled repositories will remain attached on the artifacts

To learn more, visit Manage Account Settings.

Relocated Third Party Software Data Access Settings

The settings option for allowing or blocking integrations with third party apps (such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom online meetings) has been moved from the Password & Security menu option on the People page. It is now accessible from the menu on the Account Administration Overview page.

To learn more, visit Manage Account Settings.

Two-factor Authentication Updates

This month we've released two major updates for two-factor authentication in Projectplace:

  • Added a new code via email​ verification method - when a user logs in, Projectplace will send a verification code to the user's primary email that needs to be entered before the login can be completed.

  • Account administrators can choose approved verification methods for internal users (all methods will be approved by default). If a user has previously chosen a verification method that the Account administrator no longer permits, the user will be prompted to change verification method to one of the allowed options the next time they try to access Projectplace.

To learn more, visit Manage Account Settings.


New Version of the Projectplace App for Windows and Mac

We are releasing a new version of the Projectplace app for Windows and Mac, which enables users to open and edit documents stored in Projectplace more easily. The updates included in this version are:

  • Fix for documents that remain locked, even after they have been saved and closed
  • Ability to use special characters in the file name supported by Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the app stopped responding randomly
  • .msi file enhancements (e.g. clean uninstall and proxy settings)
  • Additional bug fixes and enhancements

​We recommend that users uninstall the current version of the app and do a fresh installation after downloading the new app. 

To learn more about the Projectplace app for Windows and Mac and download the latest version, visit About Document Apps.


Copy Activities and Milestones

We’re adding a copy function to the Plan tool to make it easier to copy Activities and Milestones from one Plan to another.

  • Users can now copy activities and milestones to a selected workspace
  • All copied items will be added to the bottom of the Plan in the destination workspace
  • When copying a parent activity or an activity with cards, all child activities and cards will also be copied
  • Some attributes, e.g. board connections, reported time, and document attachments stored in the Documents tool will not be copied

To learn more, visit Work with the Plan.

Team Overview

Customizable Team Overview

We're in the process of redesigning the Team Overview page to give Teams the most relevant information about what's going on in their workspaces! ​This month's updates include:​

  • Add pictures to display your Team's own unique banner and avatar 
  • Customize the size and position of widgets to prioritize what is most important to the Team on the page
  • Collapse less important widgets to emphasize the most important information

To learn more, visit Work with Teams.

New and Updated Widgets

We have added two new widgets for the Team Overview page and updated some others, to help bring in more information relevant to the Team:

  • New Team Workload trend widget: See the Team's total workload over time (including assignments in non-Team workspaces)
  • New Pinned Boards widget: Pin boards for quick overview, basic statistics and easy access to boards the Team is involved in.
  • Member widget updated to include individual workload trend charts
  • Team Assignment widget updated to display more information directly in the widget, such as swimlane summaries and card details displayed on the card tile

To learn more, visit Work with Teams.

Mobile Apps

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the Projectplace Download Center

Mobile Apps Updates

  • Scheduled Meetings are now available also in both mobile apps (Android and iOS)
    • Receive push notifications for meeting invitations and updates to your phone and respond to meeting invitations
    • See your own meetings or all scheduled meetings for a workspace and join online meetings from the app
    • Schedule a meeting and invite other users
  • Workspace Overview (Android only - coming to iOS in 2021) 
    • List of workspaces (most recently used at the top of list) is now available, with the most recent Boards and Documents easily accessible for each workspace

Other Enhancements

Notifications Updates

To make it easier and more efficient to work with notifications, we're adding actions that can be taken on individual notifications, as well as eliminating some notifications.

  • New option for users to respond to meeting requests directly from the meeting invite notification in the service.​
  • We have removed the notifications around all future comments and actions on a document that users receive after they have commented on a document.​ More updates on making document notifications more non-intrusive are soon to follow.

To learn more, visit Find Your Way Around Projectplace.

Time Reporting Fix

We've fixed an issue that occurred if a user accidentally navigated away from the Time Reporting page without saving the reported time, causing the reported time to be lost. Now, when users try to navigate away from the time reporting page with unsaved data on it, they will be presented with a warning message prompting them to save the reported time.​

To learn more, visit Report Time.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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