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February 2016

This release was valid from 24 February 2016.

Current Release

  • Checklists on cards
  • Use Zapier to connect to more than 500 other cloud services
  • Enhanced time reports (not for Pro)

Checklists on cards

The most recent addition to Boards is the ability to add a checklist on cards. This has been a popular request on our user forum Projectplace Ideas[1] and as we agree we have now implemented it. Use checklists to structure the details of the work that needs to be done to complete a card. A more structured description helps align expectations and ensure the work meets requirements.

Work with boards and cards

Use Zapier to connect to more than 500 other cloud services

Did you know that Projectplace can be integrated with over 500 other online services? So no matter how you work, you will get the best out of all the tools without turning them into information silos.

We are now enhancing our support for Zapier, a leading platform that makes the process of setting up links between services easy and within reach for average users, not just programmers. Read more

Enhanced time reports

Insight into actuals on a per-resource basis during a specific period is crucial for both project managers and line managers. The time reporting export now includes all resources in the projects you are an administrator of; if you are a line manager you can gain visibility into time reported for your team; if you are a project manager for multiple projects, it will be easier and quicker to follow up on reported time for all members. In addition, the time reporting export now comes in an updated format, which makes sorting and filtering of information using Microsoft Excel more powerful. Report time


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