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February 2020

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Account Administration

Automatic Workspace Archiving

This month's release includes a new automation area where Account Administrators can set up rules for workspace archiving based on the following criteria:

  • Department​
  • Workspace inactivity (defined as 90 days with no create/edit actions taken)
  • Last activity/milestone date in the Plan​
  • Workspace status​

There can be multiple rules active at a time. To learn more, visit Manage Account Rules.


Read-only Access to Boards

Workspace Administrators now have the option to choose read-only access when setting a group's access rights to a board​. The read-only permission setting allows administrators to give users access to boards, so they may keep up to date with ongoing work, but not update or make any changes to the board.

To learn more, visit Restrict Access to Boards.

Mobile Apps

Edit Plan in iOS App

We've made it possible to update the Plan in the Projectplace iOS app! Previously, the Plan view was read-only for mobile users. Users can now update Activities and Milestones from the detail pane, and all attributes will be editable (with the exception of Dependencies.)

To download the iOS or Android mobile app, visit the Projectplace Download Center


New and Improved Plan Tool

We've made a variety of visual and functional enhancements to the Plan tool. Here's what you need to know:

  • Customer accounts will be migrated in batches during March – all old plans will be migrated and all new Plan workspaces will be using the new Plan tool after migration​.
  • Activities with missing duration, start dates, or end dates will be automatically updated based on the parent activity's start date or current date.
  • Roadmaps are not affected by the migration​.
  • There is no option for customers to use the old Plan tool after migration​.

Other Enhancements

Updated Rules for Enforced Email

It's now possible to start a trial account from an existing customer where enforced email is applied (unless they are already an internal user on the customer account.) We've also updated the rules that are applied when users with the same email domain as a customer account are added to the account.

Department in Email Notifications

We’ve added information about the Department in the email notification sent to request administrators when they receive a request, to help them quickly decide if they need to take action on the request.

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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