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Keep Track of Your Work

Learn how to keep track of the work you do, and get a few tips on how to get things done more efficiently.

Keep Track of All Your Tasks

When someone assigns a card to you or asks that you participate in a document review, you will be notified in two ways: through ProjectPlace and with an email. This way you are always alerted when someone assigns work to you through ProjectPlace.

When you log in to ProjectPlace, you will land on the My overview page. Here, you will find work assigned to you in the My Work tab and items (such as cards and documents) you are following in the Following tab.

New assignments are listed at the top of the list, but you can use the drag and drop functionality to reorder your list of assignments. You can also add personal tasks (which are only visible to you) giving you a comprehensive view to all of the work you are involved with. This is useful when you want track your personal tasks without visualizing them on a board.

To interact with assigned cards, documents, and personal tasks, click the desired item and a detail pane will open allowing you to modify all of the item's attributes without leaving the My Overview page.

Assignments and personal tasks remain in the My Work tab until they are marked as Done. Examples of how work is marked as Done are:

  • When a card has been moved to the Done column on a board
  • When a document review has been completed
  • When a personal task has been marked as Done.


  1. The My Work tab is lists all your currently assigned cards, document reviews, and personal tasks.
  2. The Following tab lists all cards and documents that you are following.
  3. The Add button creates a card on a board and the new card is automatically assigned to you. The new card will be added to your My Work list. This feature may also appear as a PLUS icon in the upper right corner of the My Work tab.


  1. By changing the Group by selector, you can see your assigned work grouped by workspace, due date, or type.
  2. The Review icon Review Icon.png indicates a document review assigned to you. Open the Review detail pane by clicking on the Review item. You can review and manipulate the document without leaving the My overview page.
  3. The Card icon Card Icon.png indicates that a card has been assigned to you.  Open the card's detail pane by clicking on the card. You can update the card's details without leaving the My overview page.
  4. The Personal Task icon Personal Task icon.png indicates an open personal task that you have not yet completed. Click the item to open the detail pane. If you have completed the task, select the checkbox to mark the task as Done.
  5. Select the Show Done private assignments box to list completed personal tasks in the My overview.

By default, personal tasks that are marked Done are not listed in the My overview.

Using the Group By Feature

Turn on the Group by feature to organize your work into groups.

By default, assignments are listed according to your own priority when the Group by feature is not activated. In this case, use the drag and drop method to re-order the items in the My work list. If however, the Group by feature has been activated, you can only select to organize the My work list into workspace, due date, or type groups and you will not be able to change the individual item order until Group by has been turned off or deactivated.

The image below displays how the the My work list appears when Group by has been activated by Workspace. Notice how the same information is displayed. It's now, organized in another way - by Workspace.


Your tasks are also available in the iOS and Android mobile apps, so you can add new tasks or complete tasks, even when you are on the go.

Personal Tasks

Personal tasks allow you to keep track of your work without exchanging information with other members. Similar to a Card, a personal task can hold information such as titledescription, and due date as well as the ability to add a checklist. Tasks are only visible to you under the My Work tab but can be converted to a card in a workspace if the work needs to be shared with others. 

Personal task detailed view

To create a personal task:

Create a task image 1.png

Add a Task Due Date Image 2.png

  1. Click the Add button from the My work section and select New Personal Task
  2. A new window appears. You may add a Due date when creating a new task (optional). You may also add a Due date to an existing task from the task's detail pane. 

To convert your personal task to a card in a workspace:

Convert Task to Card Image 1.png

Convert Task to Card Image 2.png

  1. Open the personal task detail pane.
  2. Click the more options icon More Menu Icon.png and select Convert to card.
  3. In the new window that appears, select the workspace and the board you want to add the card to. 

The following image displays how a personal task is listed in the My work section of the My Overview page:

Personal Task 2.png

The following image displays the converted personal task to a card on a board:

Personal Task converted to Card on Board 1.png

Assignments related to Issues, Meetings, and Tasks are available in the Other assignments section on the My overview page. 

Find Your Way Back

There are a few ways to easily navigate from My overview:  

  • Recent boards includes the five most recently visited boards
  • Recent documents provides easy access to the documents you have most recently read or edited. 
  • Click a card in the My work tab. A detail pane appears, click the Go to board link at the top, right side of the detail pane to go to the board where the card resides.

Keep Track of Team Tasks

If you are a member of at least one team, all assignments for all team members are listed in the My teams tab under My overview. This page gives an overview of what the team is currently working on, and what tasks are upcoming.

Picture of a team overview

Enlarge image

The assignments can be grouped by due date, member, workspace, or status (Today, Tomorrow, Later, or New). Grouping team assignments provides a valuable insight into the total amount of work the team has been assigned and can help you answer questions such as:

  • Who has too many assignments?
  • Is more time required to complete the work?
  • Do we have urgent overdue work items? 
  • What kinds of tasks are team members working on right now?
  • What workspaces are team members involved in at the moment? 






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