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Role IDs

Below are the associated Role IDs for each role in the Planview IdeaPlace system:

  • Administrator = 1

  • Report Analyst = 2

  • Moderator = 3

  • Expert =  4

  • Member = 5

  • Team Member = 6

  • Project Manager = 7

  • Challenge Sponsor = 8

  • Report Creator = 9

  • External Report Author = 10


You can find Role IDs under Administration > User Management > Roles.

From there, mouse over the pencil icon under Edit, next to each role to see the associated role ID in the URL popup on the bottom of the page.



User Role IDs Updated – In order to deliver our new External Report Author Role, we are amending the Role ID numbers for the Report Creator and External Report Author roles in the 4.5.8 October 2020 Release, due out Tuesday 10/20/20. These IDs will be set to a number that will not be disrupted by amendments in the future.

If you have an idea template that uses the Report Creator role as an access permission, you will need to update this after the upgrade from 4.5.7. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Idea Template Editor.
  2. Locate the field.
  3. Re-select the Report Creator Role.
  4. Save.

If you have not leveraged the Report Creator role for field permissions on the idea template, then you do not need to take any action.