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Custom Report Building


The new Insights feature uses Power BI Embedded to power its advanced report and visualization building capabilities. This is incredibly exciting for many reasons but, perhaps most importantly, Insights now provides the ability to unlock deeper insights from within your quantitative and qualitative data.

Power BI offers a wealth of new capabilities as part of the embedded solution within IdeaPlace. These range from new visualization options all the way through to artificial intelligence and machine learning options in the questions and natural language processing features.

Insights Enablement

As Insights is powered by Microsoft Power BI Embedded, there is a vast catalog of enablement material available online. We have discussed how to leverage our Standard Reports and folder user interface, which you should check out. If you are looking to start building custom reports and visualizations, it’s important to get an understanding of the Power BI Embedded solution.

We have put together a helpful list of content that you might find useful:

Learning Overview
Here you can get access to all of the Microsoft content that relates to the Power BI software. This covers desktop, cloud and embedded solutions that are under the Power BI umbrella.

Consuming Power BI Reports

This article and video cover the basics of consuming Power BI visualizations and reports and will provide an excellent overview.


This short article covers the basics of visualizations in Power BI. Alternatively, this article helps you to understand simple visual creation.

Exploring Dashboards, Reports and Apps

In this overview video, you can get an insights into the mechanisms that unlock some of the more advanced tools within Power BI. Please note that the embedded solution will leverage some of these options, but in using OData you can unlock these features in Power BI Desktop.

Applying Filters to Reports

The use of filters in Power BI Embedded is key to producing a really seamless experience. This article walks through the concept of filters and their application.

Asking Questions of Your Data

Power BI offers machine learning in the form of a Q&A widget. This provides a really great way of learning about data connections and deeper insights that you may not surface using traditional methods. The article provides an overview of this functionality which can be accessed from within Power BI Embedded.

Microsoft offers many structured online courses and paths that will walk you through consuming, building, and delivering visualizations and reports. We advise that you leverage their online learning center to start that journey, irrespective of your role.