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User: Idea Graduation

How Idea Graduation Stages work

One of the main features of Planview IdeaPlace is the ability to move an idea through stages, each requiring degrees of crowd participation and expert/moderator review. By default, there are seven stages in the Idea Lifecycle:

  1. Submission
  2. Crowd Validation
  3. Expert Review
  4. Prioritization
  5. Selection
  6. Implemented*
  7. Archived*

*Special Closed-only Stages.


Take a look at the following short video that explains how Graduation Stages work:

Idea Graduation Stages (for users) – Duration 1 min.


How can I track my idea’s potential to graduate to the next stage?

Your idea needs to meet certain requirements before graduating to the next stage. To determine how your idea is doing in its current stage, click the idea image and then the Tasks link on the View Idea page. Select the dropdown menu for the stage you wish to inquire about to view its level of completion. The current stage will appear as the default.