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May 2021 PBIX Updates

Review Completed Date

A new field has now been added to our ETL and can be located within the Reviews folder in the fields listing.


This field shows the date that an individual review was completed by an assigned user. This will display a true date, even if other reviews, evaluations, or approvals in the same task have not been completed. The completed date will populate for reviews, evaluations, evaluation files, and approvals.

The ReviewCompletedDate works with the same relationships that other fields in the Reviews folder hold.



ReviewCompletedDate may populate, but if placed next to the TaskCompletedDate, the latter may in some scenarios appear blank. The reason for this is documented in the May Release Notes.



Changes to the SpigitModel

We have made several changes to the SpigitModel to reflect this new field. The changes are as follows:


spigit changes.png

Changes to the SpigitModel



  • Tasks Tab – Renamed to “Reviews”
  • Task Activity Overview – Renamed to "Review Activity Overview"
  • Tasks Assigned & Completed – Renamed to "Reviews Assigned & Completed"
  • Task Completed Date – Switched to "Review Completed Date"