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Content Management Email Templates

Content Management email templates include templates for Content Operations and Saved Searches.

Use these settings to update the content management email template.


Content Management Templates

Template Definition

Notice to Subscribers

Email sent to those who have followed to an idea, blog, category or person. When following an idea, an email notice is generated when an idea comment is posted, an idea graduation task is added, completed or deleted; an idea is edited, a file is attached to an idea, and when an idea evaluation is completed.

Content Edited Notice

Email sent to the person whose post - idea, comment, blog, review - was edited by someone else.

Content Marked As Spam Notice

Email sent to Administrators and category moderators if a post - idea, comment, blog, review - was caught in the system spam filter.

Idea Moved To Different Category Notice

Email notice to idea owner when an idea is moved from one category to another by someone else.

Idea Merged Notice

Email notice to idea owner whose idea has been merged with another idea.

Report Abuse

Email sent to category moderators and Administrators when a member flags a post for abuse.

Search Subscription Email

Email that is sent to users with the results of searches generated by the EmailSubscriptions widget.


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The $(nodesummary) variable displays idea summary. This variable can be changed to $(nodecontent) to display full idea content.