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Setting Evaluation Forms as Graduation Criteria


Evaluation Forms can function as thresholds for idea graduation. 

How to Set an Evaluation Form as a Graduation Criteria

1. From the Administration page, click Idea Management > Graduation Workflow.


2. Select the stage for which you are setting graduation criteria.

3. Scroll down to the Evaluation Form section. Click +Evaluation Form.


4. Enter a number in the Evaluation Form Count field.

5. Optionally, set a due date period. This is the number of days from when the idea reaches this stage that the criteria is due to be completed.

6. Select a defined Evaluation Form from the drop down menu.

7. Designate the Role or Roles required to fill out the form.

  • To select multiple roles, use the <Ctrl> and <Shift> keys while selecting roles. Use the<Shift> key to select multiple contiguous roles, and the <Ctrl> key to select multiple non-contiguous roles.

  • Note that permission to post a given evaluation form may include other roles besides the designated role, but the task is only considered complete when the designated role(s) fill out the form.

  • The default value is Administrator.

8. Click Update to store your changes.