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Setting Permissions


IdeaPlace's Permission settings enable you to change the global permissions settings. These are the permissions that are enabled by default, site-wide. Any settings you change here affect all objects in the system except when you deliberately set different permissions on an object or an object’s parent.

Administration Permission Settings

Each type of permission has a separate View and Post list. Select from the list of roles shown to grant permission to View and Post.

Select Administration > User Management > Permissions.




Select from the following View and Post settings boxes to grant the type of permission

  • Category*
  • Idea*
  • Blog Entry*
  • Review*
  • Reply*
  • Comment*

When finished, click the Submit button.



Moderators and Experts should ALWAYS be managed with category permission settings. To set moderator/expert permissions, use the category and sub-category permissions pages. See Category Moderation for additional information.




Q. What do view and edit permissions for Review and Blog Entry mean?

A. Permissions for Review reference the review forms that can be assigned to members (usually the Expert role) and are available to view on the idea page itself. Blog Entry refers to the blog page/feature that is available in IdeaPlace. 


Q. How do I update the setting so that when someone posts an idea it first has to be reviewed and approved by an Administrator before it posts?

A. This is done in the Category settings. Check out How to Enable Category Moderation.