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4.4.3 Release Notes

Desktop Updates for 4.4.3


This section details all of the updates that have been delivered as part of the release.

Polish Language Support

We have been monitoring a growing number of requests from our client base to enlarge our language support to include Polish. With the release of version 4.4.3 we are delivering the Polish language into the available options contained within our language control panel.

Figure 1 - Polish Language Control


Like all other supported languages, Polish will be available to Super Administrators to edit through the language file and through the in line (Language Development Kit) editor option. This means that challenges can be ‘defaulted’ into Polish as well as offering the ability for end users to translate platform labels and navigation buttons into Polish.

Figure 2 - Challenge Translated to Polish


As always, we are monitoring language usage across the client base and will continue to adapt our language support to the needs of our clients.

Supported Browsers

The application supports the following browsers in the 4.4.3 version:

Firefox – 72,

Chrome - 80, 

Safari – 13 for both OS Catalina & Mojave

IE11 – Latest version

MS Edge – Version 18 for Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise 

Safari for iOS, Chrome on Android. Please note that Private Browsing or Incognito Mode is not supported on a Mobile Browser.


Supported Languages

The following languages are supported as “Tier 1” or out of the box. A full translation of the user interface is available with this release in the following languages:

English (United States)

French (France)

Spanish (Latin America)

Spanish (Spain)

Russian (Russia)

Chinese (China)

German (Germany)

English (United Kingdom).             

Portuguese (Brazil)

Japanese (Japan)

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Polish (Poland)