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Managing How Ideas Are Displayed


How an idea is presented can affect how people think about it. People may flock to ideas that are popular if the site tells them which ideas are popular. Depending on your initial deployment settings, Planview IdeaPlace Support configuration may be required to enable these settings for the current community.

The vote or rating visibility on the idea tiles helps people see popular ideas. Displaying rating also provides a higher degree of transparency around ideas that have been submitted.

If you have, at any time, had thumbs voting or star rating enabled in a challenge, then the final total of that voting or rating will be displayed on the tile. If an idea did not receive votes or you have not enabled voting/rating at any previous point in the challenge, this will not appear.



Thumbs-up and star ratings cannot be disabled through Idea management.





How it Works

Idea display can be customized by use of the Idea Template Editor and through the Idea Management > Idea Settings Administrative setting.



How to Modify Idea Information Display

  1. From the Administration page click Idea Management > Idea Settings.

  2. Check or uncheck the check boxes under Idea Stats or other desired settings. 

  3. Click Submit to save your changes.

  4. Add idea leaderboards using the Administration Site Editor option.





How to Manage How Ideas Are Displayed via Widgets and Permissions: The Trending Widget

The Trending widget refers to permissions to determine what displays. If a site is a members-only site or user attribute and a user doesn’t have access to those sites, they will not see the ideas on the roll-up community. Members-only and User Attribute are two of the four user access settings that are configured by IdeaPlace Administrators. User Attributes are things such as Company Name, Title, or First Name. Members-only login allows access by users of a particular community or group. See User Creation, Access Setup and Role Assignment for more information.

By hiding the site, that only controls if it displays on the Go To Menu - not any access permissions. The same is for Disabled.

If you want ideas to not display on the trending widget, set the site to user attribute or members only in order to take them off the trending widget.

See the attached Planview IdeaPlace Widget Guide for more information on the Trending Widget.




  • Top Ranked Idea: Ideas with highest IdeaPlace ranking computed by combining views, activity level, conversation level, approval rating, and review rating.

  • Most Popular Idea: Ideas ranked based on the ratio of positive votes and negative votes.

  • Most Popular Members: Members ranked according to the total number of positive votes received on posts submitted.

  • Wealthiest Members: Users ranked according to their net worth. Net worth is computed by adding user cash balance to the most recently computed idea portfolio value.

  • Highest Reputation Members: Users ranked according to their reputation index. IdeaPlace computes a reputation index for each user based on a number of factors including user connections, votes, reviews and responses received. The reputation index varies between 0 and 100, with 100 being the best.





How to Change the Idea Sort Order

By default, ideas are sorted by highest to lowest vote counts. Use the Administration > Display & Branding > Display Settings > Default Idea sort Index

Below are the option values for the sort order configuration. There is no option for recent activity.

<option value="0"> Modification Date 
<option value="2"> Post Date 
<option value="7"> Up votes
<option value="5"> Approval Rating 
<option value="6"> Review Rating 
<option value="4"> Author 
<option value="16"> Total Votes



If the aggregated communities use different types of voting, for example star rated versus thumbs voting, only ideas with the setting of the home community are counted in the aggregate idea vote totals.

The ViewIdeas page does not display all ideas on the site at once. The first nine ideas appear and are viewed by scrolling through the ideas using the Prev/Next buttons. To see more ideas, users must go back to the ViewIdeas page, load more ideas and then use the Prev/Next buttons to scroll through those next nine ideas, and so on.

To hide the Active Stages drop down on the View Ideas page, uncheck Show Idea Stages in Administration > Idea Management > Idea Settings.

Steps to reset the sort order on the ViewIdeas page:

1. Login

2. Observe that it is set to Votes

3. Go to Display Settings

4. Setting is 16

5. Set it to 2

6. Save

7. Log Out

8. Login

9. Go to ViewIdeas and note it is now showing post date.

10. Clear your cache as well.






Q. How do I find the Idea ID?

A.  IdeaPlace shows Idea IDs on all idea pages (see screen shot below). Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Idea Detail page. 



Q. The IdeaPlace tool requires a numeric value be entered when adjusting the sort order.  What numbers are associated with the following?:

  • highest to lowest vote counts
  • Modification Date
  • Post Date
  • Spigs (thumbs up vote)
  • Approval Rating
  • Review Rating
  • Author

And, is there one for recent activity?

A. Below are the option values for the sort order configuration. There is no option for recent activity.

<option value="0"> Modification Date 
<option value="2"> Post Date 
<option value="7"> Up votes
<option value="5"> Approval Rating 
<option value="6"> Review Rating 
<option value="4"> Author 
<option value="16"> Total Votes


Q. If I use option value=0 (Modification Date) in Admin > Display & Branding > Display Settings > Default Idea sort Index, do newest display first or oldest?  Also, what is considered a modification?  Few of our ideas actually get edited after their initial submission.

A. With the default idea sort, the newest ideas are displayed first. A modification in this context is a comment, vote, or review posted to the idea.


Q. Is it possible to display ideas in the following formats?

  • fresh ideas displayed to only certain roles (for moderation purposes) before auto-graduation by age
  • display idea feed within certain preset criteria

A. We are unable to facilitate custom display orders based on role, graduation stages, or customized preset criteria. However, you may change the sort default order by the following:

  • Modification Date 
  • Post Date 
  • Up votes
  • Approval Rating 
  • Review Rating 
  • Author 
  • Total Votes