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Planview Customer Success Center

April 2021 Release Notes

Security Updates

DOM Cross Site Scripting

We have implemented a fix based upon the findings in a recent penetration test. The fix prevents the injection of scripts through administration-facing options such as the "code" option in the rich text editor.


General Performance Fix

Following a review of core jobs within the application, we have implemented an update that improves the performance of the application. Specifically, this improves performance on posting ideas, comments, and reviews as well as carrying out edit actions.


Following an investigation into isolated performance issues, we have implemented a refactored set of application calls. The calls see the core post and edit idea, post and edit comment, and post and edit review being refactored for improved performance.

Excel Connector

Since the rollout of the Power BI Embedded and OData capabilities in 2020, we have been able to offer a richer analytics and reporting experience that is tied more to the tools you are familiar with away from Planview IdeaPlace. With the release of the IdeaPlace to Excel connector, we are offering yet more connectivity to analytics tools and features that you leverage in your daily activities.