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Planview Customer Success Center


Roles are assigned to organize responsibility and duties among users. Many of the tasks associated with how an idea progresses through various stages are tied to the permissions and responsibilities that are assigned to users by role. 

  • The Administrator of a Planview IdeaPlace site guides the site implementation through the stages of plan, design, build and launch/manage. This role is community-specific.
  • Super Administrators can perform all the functions of an Administrator, plus a few more. This role is not community-specific. For example, they can create a community, and copy ideas across communities. 
  • Challenge sponsors help to align the challenge question with the ability to control implementation. A well-aligned sponsor will have set aside budget and resources to ensure that the ideas they select can be implemented.
  • Community members represent the larger audience that posts, votes, and engages in site activity.
  • Expert refers to a single user or group of users who are elevated in status within Planview IdeaPlace due to their subject matter knowledge. 
  • Moderators steer and spark conversations as well as define good ideas. 
  • The Project Manager is usually appointed after initial idea submission and acts as an advocate and guide for the idea during its development and ensures that the appropriate tasks have been completed.
  • The Report Analyst role should be assigned to a team member who is proficient in Excel, and savvy when it comes to analyzing and understanding data.