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Assigning Roles


Roles are assigned to organize responsibility and duties among users. Teams may naturally develop within the organizational structure or can be formed around specific communities or ideas.

How it Works

Launch teams usually include:

  • Manager/Community Manager

  • Application Administrator(s)

  • Extended Team:

    • Business sponsor

    • HR Representative

    • Legal

    • IT

    • Marketing

  • IdeaPlace Community Manager (Planview employee)

Ongoing roles usually include:

  • Community Manager 

  • Application Administrator (separate training available)

  • Site Super Users

  • Moderators

  • Experts

  • Members or users


A phone number and biography are required in the user profile for users to become an expert.

Most users will function as members and do not require role association.

How to Specify a Particular Role

Go to Administration > User Management > Roles and enter the role information.

How to Assign Roles to Individual Users 

From Administration > User Management > User List, click the name of the user to whom you wish to assign a role.  Select the check box next to the desired role(s).


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