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Setting Up Predictions in a Challenge


When you include predictions in a challenge, members will be invited to provide prediction votes on posted ideas. Once the Predictions phase begins, the prediction tab allows members to provide assessments for all submitted ideas in the graduation stage, based on the criteria you selected (time to implement, cost of implementation, and/or anticipated yearly revenue).

How it Works

You must be logged in as a Site Administrator to set up Predictions in a Challenge.

How to Set Up Predictions

  1. Open a Challenge and expand the Phase Editor.  



This capability is not available to Challenge Sponsors, who can only change the name and timing of phases.



  1. Check the Predictions check box, under Available Activities.



To ensure accurate and consistent predictions, this feature requires at least 100 participants.  Predictions can only be used in one phase in each challenge.



  1. Double click Predictions to open the Predictions Settings popup.


4. Select Prediction settings by checking the appropriate box:

Element Definition Required?

Select Stages to Enable Prediction

Select which graduation stages will include prediction:


At least one must be checked

Select Prediction Access

Select which roles will be allowed to make predictions:

Report Analyst
Challenge Sponsor

At least one must be checked

Select Prediction Questions

Select the prediction questions that will be offered to posters:

Time to implement?
Revenue per year?
Cost of Implementation?

Posters respond to these questions in relation to the individual idea being voted on.

At least one must be checked

Select Currency

Select the desired currency to display for revenue and cost predictions.

United States $ is the default

5. Select Cancel or Update (if changes have been made).
6. In the Status dropdown, select either Draft or Scheduled.