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Planview Customer Success Center

May 2023 Release Notes

May 10, 2023

AWS Migration

AWS migration is now complete for EMEA. For additional information about Sub-Processors (third-party vendor who processes data on behalf of Planview for various reasons) and data security click here.

AdaptiveWork Integration

With this release, we bring the IdeaPlace to AdaptiveWork connector into general availability. To understand more about this exciting development, please click this link.


Following updates to the connection logic between IdeaPlace and ProjectPlace, we have implemented an update to protect the "sync" flow. This prevents a message between the two systems from becoming paused and instead forms a queue of "pending" messages.

User Emails

We have implemented an update to the Email Users functionality help text to accurately reflect the format that should be used when adding email addresses. The new text reads:

Email addresses can be separated by any of the following:

  • a comma (,)
  • a colon (:)
  • a semi-colon (;)
  • or a space

one per line, within brackets ([ ]), or within quotes (" ").