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Archived Challenges


Site challenges evolve through several statusesDraftScheduledOpenClosed and Archived.

Each status is configured with separate attributes for site locking, hiding, idea posting, and the impact of hitting the Open date. By default, challenges start in the Scheduled status. The Archived status occurs when selected by an admin and will hide the challenge from all non-admin members.

Archived is the equivalent of Draft, but in the closed state. Setting a challenge space as Archived means that it is no longer visible to any user who previously had access to the challenge. This is an excellent way to remove visibility on a challenge.

How it Works

When you click the Challenges tab in the menu bar, the Challenges page appears.

challengepage (1).JPG

The two dropdown menus on this page allow you to view:

  • Challenges from all communities
  • Challenges from this community


  • All Challenges
  • Draft Challenges
  • Scheduled Challenges
  • Open Challenges
  • Closed Challenges
  • Archived Challenges




How to View an Archived Challenge

You can look at Archived challenges by selecting the appropriate challenge page from the Challenges drop down. Below is an example of an Archived challenge:



Archived challenges contain a status banner atop the challenge tile to differentiate them from ongoing challenges.

The status of an Archived Challenge cannot be changed.

Closing ideas moves them to one of the last two stages: (Accepted or Archived in the guided challenge configuration). When viewing Closed & Archived Challenges on the AppHome or SiteChallenges pages, they will display in the order of 'most recently closed'. 

Only challenges with ‘Open’ status will appear in the ‘Go To’ menu. There is no support for Draft, Scheduled, Closed, or Archived challenges to be listed here.