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Insights Update – Planview IdeaPlace Data Driven Innovation

We are excited to announce the release of our new analytics capabilities that harness an out-of-the-box data driven innovation model. Our new model incorporates IdeaPlace Ideas data alongside TeamTap data, providing access to meaningful crowd insights through the power of machine learning and natural language processing.

Following the release of TeamTap, we have moved towards a complete crowd engagement application which gathers ideas from within enterprise challenges as well as from topics and themes that the crowd chooses in TeamTap. When combining these two powerful features, the data that is generated becomes vitally important in showcasing where challenges, opportunities, problems, or successes are happening within your organization. In leveraging TeamTap to capture ideas in a more organic way, your organization can benefit from a close to real-time sentiment from the crowd. This update is designed to place the data from that engagement and sentiment at your fingertips.

To learn more about TeamTap, check out our introduction here.

This update is specifically centered around ten new tabs that are contained within the SpigitModel. You can access them by using the Insights page in your IdeaPlace application. All the tabs leverage TeamTap data which, once the feature is enabled, will flow into the model automatically. If you are already using TeamTap, your data will appear automatically.

The objective with the new model is to offer an automated clustering of hundreds of thousands of characters and words that are contained within your Ideas, Taps, and Tap Responses. Leveraging machine learning, our model reads this unstructured data content, understands it, and then processes it into visualizations that are designed to highlight emerging trends from within your data.

You will also notice new types of visualizations which are designed to highlight which themes users are engaging with most frequently. This is tied into your user data model and allows user activity to be tracked by any user attribute that you have registered in the application. For example, you can track the location of a user, and model that location against their activity level, or by which themes they interact with.



To view all the new analytics, click the links below:

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TeamTap5 - Tap Explorer

TeamTap5a - Tap Explorer Activity

TeamTap5b - Tap Explorer Themes

TeamTap Sentiment Influencers