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TeamTap3 - Tap Clusters

Using the natural language processing and key phrase model, we can use this tab to showcase which of the Tap Title key themes drive Tap Response themes. This is an interesting way to identify whether there are linkages between the themes emerging within the TeamTap feature, specifically if a single Tap theme is driving a wide array of Response themes. This could point to emerging opportunities for innovation or action. For example, how are users responding to a particular trending Tap theme, does the cluster show that they are validating the theme in their Response or are they broadening the Response theme?


Figure 1 - Key phrases linked across Taps and Responses

The clustering of themes on this tab can be modeled using the activity date range. This means that any clusters are made visible depending upon the posting of a Tap or Response within the range that is specified. The date range default is Last 90 Days.