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Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence data visualization tool from Microsoft, which can be used to explore specific types of Planview IdeaPlace data. It allows non-technical end users in your organization to create analytics by themselves, without the need for technical report development skills or a technical understanding of the data structure. The main advantage of this reporting solution is its simplicity of use, while still being mature enough that it can be also be used by report developers for complex data modeling and visualization scenarios.

Power BI Consumption Options

Power BI enables different consumption options for end users, including Power BI Embedded, Power BI Desktop, and the Microsoft Service.

Power BI Embedded 

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Service

Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png
  • Available in IdeaPlace. 
  • IdeaPlace uses the cloud version of Power BI Embedded.
  • Reports are created on the Power BI cloud server. When the data is fetched and rendered, a call is made to the service.
  • No additional Connector is needed with Power BI Embedded.
  • Free desktop tool without Office 365 account.
  • Data stays local similar to Excel workbooks.
  • Additional data sources.
  • An IdeaPlace-Power BI Connector was released 10/13/2020. This enables customers to connect directly with OData service authentication.
  • Data lives in Microsoft cloud service.
  • Requires Office 365 account.
  • Allows for “dashboard” outputs and natural language query.

Power BI Datasource Options

Power BI can consume data from a number of different datasources. Read the Power BI Datasource Options topic to understand the pros and cons of each and the steps required to prepare the datasource.


Power BI Deployment Flow

The four steps below are required to get Power BI content in front of your IdeaPlace users. It is recommended that if customers wish to build a custom report, they engage with the Global Reporting Services (GRS) team in Planview Consulting and engage with their TAM to assist in deploying and operationalizing their use of Power BI.




  1. Power BI provides different consumption options (tools) for end users. Power BI Embedded is in IdeaPlace as of Release 4.5.
  2. Power BI is a data visualization tool that is connected to a data source, in this case the IdeaPlace data source.
  3. Once the data source is procured, Power BI is used to visualize the data and create interactive reports.
  4. Once the Power BI reporting content has been created, it can be distributed to stakeholders in your organization.


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