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Planview Customer Success Center

Administrator Overview

The community manager and/or Administrator of a Planview IdeaPlace site guides the site implementation through the stages of plan, design, build and launch/manage.

Preferably, each IdeaPlace site will have a minimum of two Administrators, and at least one Administrator will have taken Level 1 of IdeaPlace's Innovation Program certification.

The Administrator supports the IdeaPlace implementation process by setting up the initial features and users, customizing the site, and coordinating the site launch. After the launch, the Administrator also manages user accounts, generates reports and other types of site data, and enables additional features when appropriate.


  • Plan your Site Implementation
  • Design your Site
  • Build your Site
  • Launch and Manage your Site

Most areas of the IdeaPlace site are configurable so you have a lot of flexibility with what you can do with the platform. For example, you can customize which pages are displayed, disable or enable certain widgets, hide or add tabs, change the way that ideas are posted and the way that they’re displayed on the View Ideas page, and many other options.

Start with simple tasks to orient yourself with the application. Use of some of the more advanced functionality once you and your users are comfortable with the site.