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Administrator and Super Administrator

Super Administrator and Administrator are the only roles that have access to Site Editor (an advanced dashboard capability used to lay out the site design and content). 

  • The Administrator role is able to perform site setup and maintenance.
  • The Super Administrator has the broadest access across the instance.
  • The site Administrator role is able to perform site setup and maintenance but does not have full access across the site.


The Administrator Role is Community-Specific

  • A user can be Administrator in one challenge and not another unless nominated.
  • The Administrator has full control over the entire challenge/community.
  • This allows control over most aspects of a challenge-based community.
  • Some limits to user management and language settings are present.
  • If an Administrator is needed in multiple communities, make them a Super Administrator.


The Super Administrator role is NOT Community-Specific

  • They can freely navigate to any other community/challenge in the instance.
  • Permissions do not apply to Super Administrators.
  • They can assign Administrator and Super Administrator privileges.
  • They can create and clone communities.
  • They can manage the Languages settings.
  • They have the ability to use the Language Editor.
  • They can remove a user's identity.
  • They can reopen closed ideas.
  • They can create, edit, save, and view reports using Power BI Embedded.



Users with these roles may be contacted by IdeaPlace about planned server maintenance or upcoming outages.