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Project Managers

Administrators can assign people to the role Project Manager. The concept of member roles and procedures for assigning them are discussed briefly in the Assigning Roles topic. The Project Manager is usually appointed after initial idea submission and acts as an advocate and guide for the idea during its development and ensures that the appropriate tasks have been completed.

The Project Manager role is intended to offer a permission level that tracks ideas across multiple stages. Once assigned, any subsequent stage level tasks are automatically assigned to the nominated Project Manager. This allows a single person to consistently be assigned and complete tasks associated with the idea. 

Project Managers are assigned through the Administration panel, but only become active once they have either assigned themselves or are assigned to an idea by an Administrator.



View permissions will not be effective for Project Managers until they are assigned to an idea.



An Administrator can change the title from Project Manager to something else, such as Idea Champion, to correspond with other community terminology.

  • There can only be one Project Manager assigned to an idea.
  • There can only be one Project Manager assigned to a task.
  • A Project Manager cannot delete an assigned role from a task.
  • A Project Manager can remove themselves from the role.
  • A Project Manager can assign a task to a specific, named user or to another role.

There are a number of functions Project Managers can perform within a category. A Project Manager can create and send email to members of a team, reminding them about task assignments, reviews, etc. (This may be particularly helpful to Administrators who find themselves overwhelmed with task management activities.)