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Planview Customer Success Center

November 2020 Release Notes

IdeaPlace Product Vision for 2021 Webinar

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Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

Single Sign On Process Update – Our single sign on (SSO) process has been updated to reduce the elapsed time for a new project to be completed. This change does not impact the application, rather it allows our Customer Care team to manage the process more closely. In order to achieve this, we have built a new internal API process that covers:

  • Enablement of SSO for the first time
  • Adding, removing, and obtaining lists of custom user attributes
  • Replacement of metadata
  • Management of logout URLs
  • Management of the IdeaPlace base domain

This new process is rolling out now and you should continue to enter Customer Care cases if you require any of the above with regards to your SSO.


Power BI ETL Process – Following an investigation into unusually high loads of user custom fields, we have amended our Export Transform and Lift (ETL) process. User custom fields are fields that are normally passed through Single Sign On. They can include labels such as country, department, line of business, etc., that are relevant to your data infrastructure.

Our ETL feeds data into Power BI Embedded and our Power BI connector. We will no longer send user custom fields via ETL that belong to disabled users (users marked with the "disabled" flag in IdeaPlace).  Furthermore, if a user is disabled and they have not been active in the last rolling 365 day period, we will not ETL their user custom fields.

This change only impacts user custom fields for users that are disabled. These same disabled users will still have their core user data (any field in the "users" section of Power BI) such as username, userID, first name, last name, and email will still be sent via ETL and be included in any reports. Any idea, comment, or vote data will also still be sent via ETL, again, making it available for reporting over any time dimension. This change only impacts the user custom attributes.

The result of this enhancement will be improved data loading times which will also improve the successful refresh rates of data in Power BI Embedded.


German Language File – We had observed some translation errors in the German language file that were related to our embedded reporting solution. We have now deployed a new standard German language file with the errors corrected. This will not impact any custom German language files that you may have saved.


Bulk User Import – Following reports that the user import (through the administration panel and the API) generated errors when loads of over 1000 users were attempted, we have investigated the issue.

We have now identified the cause and isolated this to some extra checks that the application was undertaking that inadvertently caused timeouts. These checks have been enhanced so that the timeout does not occur.