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Editable Widgets


Planview IdeaPlace content is displayed on its various web pages using widgets. A widget is a software container that controls what you see on a page. There are two types of widgets in IdeaPlace: system-generated widgets and editable widgets. System-generated widgets automatically display whatever content they are programmed for.

How it Works

Editable widgets are containers that site administrators can use to display text, images, video, links, and even more complex functionality such as iFrames and Ajax code. They use a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editing interface but also allow you to edit HTML code directly if the WYSIWYG interface is too limited for your purposes. 



When uploading images using the editable widget, file extensions must be lowercase. 


IdeaPlace offers several hundred pre-programmed widgets, and almost 100 editable widgets to start. By default only users with Administrator privileges can edit widgets. If you wish to grant the ability for custom roles to edit widgets, contact IdeaPlace Support.

Editable widgets come in two styles: 

  • Border 
  • No Border

Editable widgets are modified directly on the page where they appear. 



If you ever need to add back "missing" widgets to a page:

1. Make sure you select the "border" option on the widget(s).

2. Make sure you refresh the page/Update the page (click the Update button) after adding back the widget(s) to make them appear.



How to Edit an Editable Widget

On the actual page where the widget appears (such as the Leaderboard page), there is a pencil icon displayed for content and widgets that can be edited (see red box in screenshot below). Administrators have this ability by default. Please contact IdeaPlace Support if you would like other roles to be able to edit widget content. (Navigation to this page is via Administration > Display & Branding > Site Editor.)


Clicking on the pencil icon will display a pop-up window for editing the widget's content and uploading images, MS Word, PDF, or PPTX files, or videos. Clicking Publish will automatically apply the changes, remove the pop-up and display the page with the updated editable widget on it. If you're knowledgeable with HTML, you can edit the code directly. Note that you can mouse over any image in the Editor to view a definition tool tip.

In the image below, some of the editing tools are labeled.


You can insert a link to an URL to which you have posted/uploaded an MS Word, PDF, or PPTX file. Additionally, the Insert Link popup also lets you upload files that can be linked to the editable widget's page. The file folder button pictured below allows you to do so:


GreenFileUploadicon on InsertLink popup.png

You can also upload an image or video, view and edit the page's HTML, and/or input text to appear on the widget.



How to Preview an Editable Widget

To access the preview option, from the Administration page go to Display & Branding > Site Editor. Click the desired page to make it active. Click the Widgets tab. Click the "eye" icon inside the widget box: a pop-up window will appear and display the user view of the widget, complete with content.



The following widgets need to have a border:

  • Tasks (view_all_tasks_fresh)  If the Edit Task button is missing on a user’s task(s) in Inbox > Tasks, it can be added back by deleting the Tasks Widget and re-adding it with the Border style selected.
  • Post Idea (post_idea_fresh)
  • View Ideas (view_ideas_fresh)
  • User Profile (user_profile_fresh)
  • Scores (idea_review_scores_fresh)
  • View Idea (view_idea_fresh)
  • Review (post_review_fresh)
  • Comments (view_idea_comments_fresh)
  • View Category (view_sector_fresh)
  • Challenge Wizard (post_site_challenge)
  • Challenge Home (site_challenge_home)
  • Challenge Countdown (site_challenge_countdown)
  • Challenge Stats (site_challenge_stats)
  • Challenges (site_challenge_lists)
  • Choose Selected Ideas (site_challenge_select_winner)
  • Challenge Settings (site_challenge_settings)
  • User Advanced Search (user_admin_fresh)
  • Pairwise Vote Ideas (pairwise_vote_ideas)
  • Pairwise Admin Settings Widget (pairwise_settings)
  • Stages Viewer (idea_stage_visualizer)
  • Predictions (predictions_main)
  • Prediction Results (predictions_bubble_graph)

Most of these widgets cannot be removed or added to other pages.  These widgets will be streamlined in a future release so that users don't have to select any style.



Additional information is available in the Widgets, Site Editor, and Leaderboard Widgets articles. The complete Planview IdeaPlace Widget Guide is attached to this article.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any file format requirements when uploading images using an editable widget?

A. Yes. When uploading images using an editable widget, filenames cannot contain the # or ? characters.


Q. What page(s) does the WYSIWYG widget affect?

A. When using the Custom Template in Layout Controls, the editable widget on the Home page only affects /Page/Home. If desired, you may also add different editable widgets to any other page, such as /Page/PostIdea or /Page/ViewIdeas. This can be done in the Site Editor by first selecting the desired page from the left panel and then adding a new editable widget.