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Planview Customer Success Center

Pairwise Tile Design


The idea tiles displayed in Pairwise voting are in line with our new design, to address ongoing feedback from our customers.

Pairwise tile redesign.jpg

Key Features

The layout of the idea tiles mimics that of ideas on the View Ideas page, with a vertical display and a horizontal image at the top, when images are present.

The full idea title and image are clickable as a way to access the Idea Lightbox and read more about each idea.

The idea description is displayed on the idea tiles. This is in response to feedback that having the description present encouraged participants to learn more about each idea before casting a vote.

The idea author’s name was removed from the idea tile in response to feedback that having the name present sometimes influenced voting decisions. Our belief is that removing the name will create a more fair and balanced environment for voting. This update to Pairwise voting is our first step towards implementing a more level playing field for voting and rating ideas. We look forward to your feedback as we consider this direction for other voting and rating features.