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Challenge Update Email


In keeping with our central theme of engagement, Planview IdeaPlace deploys a Challenge Update broadcast email. The email will be sent to any registered challenge user whenever an idea is posted within a 24 hour window. The intent is to prompt the user to log back into the system to view the ideas that they’ve missed.



Communities do not have the challenge update email. If you create a challenge and use Copy from Current community as the template, the challenge update email will be enabled in the challenge.


How it Works

The subject line is fixed as “Challenge Update: <Challenge Title>” and cannot be edited. The challenge title will be inserted via a dynamic link.

The email itself is composed of the challenge image (custom or standard library), the challenge title and a short “Here’s what you missed in the past 24 hours…” message. The latter will be translated when the challenge language defaults to a language other than English.

Within the email, there will be a count of the number of ideas that are new within the last 24 hours as well as the a listing of five ideas from the challenge that were posted. These ideas will be listed at random from the available ideas posted during the period.

The content of the email is available for viewing in the email template (content management) section of administration. From this section, administrators can choose whether they wish to have the email active or not within the challenge.



The email template is not editable.




The email will be sent only if an idea is posted in a 24-hour/day period.


Q. How can you turn this feature off?

A. This email template is activated and deactivated via the email templates configuration page, in the content management section. It is configured by challenge.