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Email Template Overview


Planview IdeaPlace can generate email notifications, based on user and idea activity. These email messages are a part of the overall user experience and should be configured and branded to appeal to the program and challenge audience.

All email templates are configurable, except for the Challenge Update Email template. Standard fields that can be configured include subject line, email body, and the ability to turn emails on and off. 

Email templates are organized by category:

  • Settings
  • Challenge Community (challenges only)
  • User Settings
  • Idea Submission
  • Idea Graduation
  • Content Management
  • Tasks
  • Store
  • Miscellaneous (non-challenge community only)

All non-pertinent email notifications can be activated or deactivated at the challenge/community level by accessing the Settings section on the Email Templates page. By default, emails will be set to active.




Disabling all emails does not include the Forgot Username or Forgot Password emails.


The Email Type selector, previously available on each email template, has been deprecated for easier configuration. Users can customize their email preferences in their settings in this article. 

All email templates are managed from a single screen, with pop ups for editing individual templates, so it’s simpler to make and keep track of changes. The list of Email Notifications clearly indicates which emails are active, so you don’t need to click into the notification template itself to see its status.



In some cases after an upgrade, the active box will be checked, despite the subject line being blank. In these cases, the email will NOT be sent.



Idea Graduation.jpg


Finally, the email options and messages that previously were available through the Edit Challenge menu have been removed. All Challenge launch and phase related email is controlled through the email administration section. This removes the need to activate/deactivate emails in multiple parts of the same challenge.


Business Rules

  • Email template editing is not available with Planview IdeaPlace's mobile application.
  • The following email templates have been removed: ideaAlreadyPosted, ideaSubmitByEmail, Expert Review Request and inviteToConnect as they are no longer used.

  • Email templates related to the Store and Auction features have been relabeled to make them consistent with Store and Auction functionality.

  • Each email template uses system-defined variables for information specific to a particular email. These are denoted by the ${……} format. See Email Template Variables.