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Icons being replaced by non-English characters when using Internet Explorer


If an end-user reports seeing non-English characters when using Planview IdeaPlace, it indicates that the Fontello font is not being downloaded by their internet browser. To fix this issue, the user's browser security settings need to be adjusted to allow font downloads. To perform this change, follow the steps below on the end-user's browser. In some cases, corporate IT policies prevent end-users from managing their browser's security settings. In these cases, please contact the local IT team to enable font downloading on corporate devices. 

How to Enable Font Download in Internet Explorer 11 

1. Open IE settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right. Select Internet Options.

2. Select the Security tab and click Custom Level.

3. Locate the Font Download option and set it to Enable.

For additional information, see the attached PDF: Font Download Issue on IE.