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Store Email Templates

Use these settings to update the Store email templates.


Store Email Templates

Template Definition

Reply To

Email address of the person who receives system emails.

Order Placed Notification - Administrator

Email sent to the Administrator when a member has ordered something from the store.

Order Placed Notification - Buyer

Email sent to person who placed an order in the store.

Order Canceled Notification

Email notice send to the buyer who canceled a previously ordered item.

Order Picked Up Notification

Email sent to member who has picked up an item they previously ordered.

Order Shipped Notification

Email sent to the member who purchased an item, after it has shipped.

New Auction Notification

Email notice sent to anyone subscribed to the Auctions page.

Auction Closed Notification

Email sent to Administrators when an auction closes, to remind them to select a winning bidder.

Bid Accepted Notification

Email sent to those whose bids have been accepted as winners of an auction.

Bid Rejected Notification

Email sent to those whose bids have been rejected as winners for an auction.

Auction Bid Canceled

Email sent to successful bidders if:
1. Their successful bid is canceled, or
2. They were previously selected as winners but then unselected on the Manage Bids page.

Bid Fulfilled by Pickup

Email sent to successful bidders after they have picked up their auction item.

Bid Fulfilled by Shipping

Email sent to successful bidders after their auction item has been shipped.


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