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This section is where frequently asked questions are gathered in one place. Click on the link to any of the following topics:


  1. Can you share a crowdsourcing advocacy deck with us? Yes, learn more here.
  2. Can you provide white label communication assets? Yes, learn more here.  

  3. Can we change the logo or colors on our innovation site? Yes. You can upload your own logo image and update the color scheme on your innovation site. Learn more here
  4. Can we add additional Terms and Conditions to my site? Yes. Typically, your standard employee handbook and NDA are sufficient. However, should your HR or Legal Team require additional T&C's, they can quickly be added. Learn more here

  5. Does IdeaPlace support mobile? Yes. IdeaPlace provides a rich mobile browser interface. No need to download or install anything. Learn more here.
  6. Can we change the URL on our innovation site to match our corporate domain? No. This process has been changed as of August 1st 2020. All new customers will need to adopt the standard approach to their sites. Learn more here.

  7. What Profile Attributes are available for reporting? For every user, IdeaPlace requires four core/basic attributes (Username, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address). Additional attributes can be added to aid reporting and refine user access. Learn more within the SSO data sheet attached to the article here.

  8. How do we help the audience form better ideas? Three key factors impact the formation and evolution of ideas: 1. A well-crafted challenge question. 2. The idea posting template 3. Moderation. Learn more about questions here. Learn more about the idea posting template here. Learn more about moderation here.

  9. Can we invite certain users to some communities/challenges and not others? While our research shows inviting more people from diverse backgrounds and functions fosters improved ideation and collaboration, we recognize there are times limiting access to certain communities/challenges may be required. IdeaPlace has several site access settings to help you (Private-Login, Private-Members Only, Private-User Attribute, etc.) Furthermore, IdeaPlace helps your program by providing users a daily Challenge Update email also respecting these same access settings. Learn more about access settings here. Learn more about the Challenge Update email here.

  10. How do we reuse our configuration and settings? Can we create and save our own templates? You can create a template for any challenge you have configured. These templates will allow you to reuse the configurations for future events. Learn more about templates here.
  11. Can we add a custom Challenge Image instead of using IdeaPlace’s stock imagery? Yes. This can be done leveraging the Challenge Wizard when creating or editing the configurations of a challenge. Learn more about challenge images here.

  12. What is the difference between phases and stages? Phases relate to challenge progress (time & available activities). Stages relate to an idea's progress within a challenge (graduation requirements: views, votes, comments, review/evaluation scores, etc.). Learn more about Phases here. Learn more about Stages here.

  13. What are the recommended graduation criteria per stage? Graduation criteria recommendations vary depending on the type of challenge you are launching and the size of your audience. Our templates are a starting point for audience up to 1000. Learn more here.

  14. Can we add categories to my Idea Submissions? Yes. If desired, categories can be added to any challenge. Categories allow tasks to be assigned to specific (category) moderators and experts as appropriate. Our preloaded templates do not have categories enabled. However, they can be configured to accommodate if needed. Learn about categories here.

  15. What is the role of the Moderator? How can we train our team? Moderators nurture discussion to expand thinking, refine ideas, and focus activity on the specific challenge question. Learn more about moderation here.

  16. What is the role of the Expert? How can we train our team? Experts provide specialized insight to help the audience develop their ideas. Additionally, Experts serve an important role in the evaluation process, scoring ideas against objective criteria to ensure the best ideas graduate to the next stage, and sometimes participating in the final selection process. Learn More about Experts here.

  17. Can we allow anonymous posting? While IdeaPlace is designed for transparent collaboration, Anonymous configuration options are available to support specific use cases. Learn more about anonymous posting here.

  18. How do I Delete Communities?
  19. Where can I find IdeaPlace API Documentation?
  20. What does a Good Idea look like? (Video)
  21. How do I Consolidate Ideas?
  22. How do I Get Started with Insights and the Insights Dashboards?
  23. Where is the Professor IdeaPlace Pairwise Video?
  24. Where is the Professor IdeaPlace Predictions Video?
  25. Where is the IdeaPlace Overview Video?
  26. What are the Email Variables?
  27. Where do I find the IdeaPlace Widget Guide?
  28. How do I create a challenge?
  29. How do I add a single user or multiple users to a challenge? (Import Users)
  30. How do I create custom reports? (Insights/Good Data) (Insights/PowerBI)
  31. How do I set up and train moderators?
  32. How does Task Assignment work?
  33. What's the best way to control access to a site for a specific scenario? (Removing membership access for a challenge)
  34. How do Email Notifications/Templates work?
  35. How do I create an Always On Challenge?
  36. How do I change languages?
  37. Where can I find IdeaPlace "Office Hours"?
  38. How do I create an Idea Team? A Challenge Team?
  39. What's the difference between a Challenge and a Community?
  40. How do I work with Challenge Templates?
  41. How does currency work?
  42. How do Pairwise, Thumbs Up, Like and Star voting work?
  43. How do I create categories?
  44. Could you recommend some Innovation Resources?
  45. I do not see my dashboards and reports in Insights
  46. I see non-English characters when using IdeaPlace.
  47. How do I move an idea backward from the last stage (Selection) on the idea itself? (Idea > More > Move to Stage)
  48. How do I upload files with uppercase extensions, such as .PNG and .JPG?


What are the top things to ensure during Challenge Setup?

When setting up a Challenge, make sure the following items are addressed:

Miscellaneous Gotchas

  • For the Email Users feature in the User Management section of the admin panel, the help text states that the greater-than and less-than symbols (<>) can be used around email addresses when sending messages to specific email addresses. This does not work and will send an email to everyone who has access to the challenge. We are in the process of updating that help text to remove that as an option, so please do not use those symbols when emailing users. 
  • Administrators have reported seeing Tasks/Reviews/Evaluations listed in the Graduation Workflow page when no one has taken the action to add them. If a "phantom task" appears, please open a case with IdeaPlace Support. Do NOT delete Evaluation Forms, Approvals, or Reviews/Tasks. This may have possible side effect of deleting other data unintentionally. Planview Development is aware of the problem and is working to address it.
  • Be careful about copying and pasting text from another source. Special characters can cause issues.
  • If you are using the help text on Task Review forms and it is cut off, add more text to the task description to move the help icon further to the right. This will ensure all the help text is displayed.
  • If ideas need to be re-opened after being Closed, only Super Adminstrators can do this.
  • Some widgets need to have Border selected for style – Task is an example.
  • If a user ID has been disabled, the "Forgot Password" email will not be sent. The user must be enabled first, then select the "Forgot Password" option.
  • Phase Reminder emails are not being sent until after the Phase is over. A work around would be to disable them and use the Email Users option or an internal email when phases are ending.
  • Community member search filter is not working properly with Private User Attribute. The Incorrect number of users are displayed and users with ''No'' are displayed. A workaround is to run a report to find the correct number of users who have access. 
  • Administrator roles cannot see their published/draft ideas from their profile when they don’t meet the user attribute criteria for communities/challenges with Private-User Attribute access setting. A workaround is to grant the Administrator user the attribute(s) to meet the access criteria.
  • The view counter on the ViewIdea page is not working properly when the view count exceeds 10 users. In the meantime, a workaround is to change the language to read “Last 10 people to view the idea”.
  • The limit to Pairwise voting is not being respected, which means that users can vote as many times as they like. There is no work around at this time.
  • When changing the owner of an idea, have the new owner follow the idea before changing it. Otherwise, the new owner will not be notified of subsequent idea activities.