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Planview Customer Success Center

IdeaPlace SaaS Email Whitelist Requirements


The Planview IdeaPlace Innovation Management SaaS application includes the optional ability to generate email notifications to selected users in order to:

  • Invite their participation in a new community.
  • Provide notifications of activities or tasks in their existing communities.
  • Provide notification of programs or events as directed by your company’s IdeaPlace application administrators.

Users can set the frequency of emails they would like to receive in their profile settings. This email notification capability is enabled by default, as it is a core feature designed to promote and encourage user engagement.


By default, email is sent from the domain using our email relay service that includes TLS transport, DKIM authentication, and DMARC.  The “From Name” of the application sender can be set to your innovation program name, but the “From” email address will typically be or and always from the domain. The email relay service handles all automated rejects and bounced traffic from customer email service providers, which helps improve the quality of email traffic sent from the IdeaPlace platform.


To help with ensuring delivery of this program email, the domain should be whitelisted in your email spam filters to make sure email is not blocked from delivery, and that your innovation platform messages are not erroneously identified as spam.

Whitelist LiveChat domains

To ensure that the LiveChat feature performs optimally, you will also want to whitelist the following domains:

Sending Email IP Addresses 

IdeaPlace platform email is sent through the Mandrill email relay and originates from either IP address or IP address



Customers should also add the domain "" to their whitelist repository.