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The term Moderator refers to a single user or group of users who are elevated in status within Planview IdeaPlace due to their ability to steer and spark conversations as well as define good ideas. The concept of a Moderator is commonly attached to the monitoring and stimulus of an online or social community. Historically, it was often seen as a kind of light touch policing role for the same online communities. Inside Planview IdeaPlace however, it is defined as a nurturing type role.  

How It Works 

What Do Moderators Do?


  • Connect people with ideas in the platform that they may have interest or expertise in.
  • Challenge idea owners to be clearer and more concise with their idea presentations. This could include imagery, videos and written content.
  • Focus their attention into the early stages of crowd growth when they have the highest degree of impact.

Core Platform Activities

Moderators perform these tasks:

  • Monitor content
  • Ensure ideas are fully evolved
  • Make connections
  • Graduate ideas

What Permissions Does the Moderator Role Have?

  • Ability to edit ideas (must be enabled in a challenge phase)
  • Change idea ownership
  • Move the idea to another category inside the challenge
  • Change idea category within same community
  • Move the idea to another stage in the current challenge
  • Delete an idea
  • Close the idea
  • Set permissions at the idea level

How to Add a Moderator

Adding Moderators is a quick task. Follow these steps to grant Moderator privileges.

  1. Navigate to the challenge in which you want to assign Moderators.
  2. In the Challenge, go to Administration > User Management > Moderators.
  3. Begin typing a username. A dropdown will appear as you type. Select the user.
  4. Select the category or categories to which you wish to assign to the Moderator.

  5. Click Submit to save your changes.
  6. You should now see your Moderator added to the top of the same page.
  7. You can repeat these steps to add further Moderators.

Mod 1a.PNG

Mod 1b.PNG