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User: Existing Review Commenting

The ability for the crowd to rate ideas above and beyond the thumbs or star rating systems is something that IdeaPlace continues to embrace through the Post a Review section. This section is squarely aimed at the end user review and is a great way to understand crowd opinion upon ideas with particular criteria in mind.

How can I post a comment on an existing review?

In addition to posting your own review, you can comment on others' reviews, just as you can comment on an idea. If you would like to comment on a review, first click on the review. There is a button underneath the original review that reads Post Reply. Click that button to comment on the review.

You can also reply to a comment on that review by clicking Post Reply in the comment’s box. If you want to reply to both the original review and a comment(s), enter a title and your comment in the text field that says Post Comment, which is below all other comments. After entering your comment, simply click the Post Comment button to post it.

The Post a Review section adapts to the user, based upon the process. Upon submitting a review, the user will receive a success message and the page will refresh automatically.

Should the user wish to amend their review, the tab will show an Update option.