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Communities versus Challenges

The following video explains the difference between communities and challenges:

Communities vs Challenges: Duration 2.5 min.

Additionally here's a quick comparison of the differences between challenges and communities:

Communities are:

  • Areas in your instance where you can create challenges and information pages.
  • They are traditionally at the top level of the solution hierarchy.
    • They are traditionally the “landing page” for an Innovation portal or Primary site.
    • You may create unlimited communities within your instance.
    • Not typically used for Ideation (no automation).

Challenges are:

  • Areas in your community, focused on addressing a specific business problem.
  • They belong to a parent community.
  • They have an automated opening and closing time, including user actions.
  • They include all features and functions.
  • You can create unlimited numbers of challenges in an instance.


Each challenge has a full set of IdeaPlace functionality.

  • Each challenge can have different idea forms, review forms, stages, phases, etc.
  • Not bound to a single model.
  • Communities do not support all features (predictions, automated phases, etc.).


Challenges are created from a community. (Think of communities as parents and challenges as children.)

Challenges and Communities all have unique URLs. (


Your instance is one database of information

  • Ideas and users are all stored on a single instance. Typically, you will have a staging and production instance.


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