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An Innovation Event can be a complex, sequential series of actions around posted ideas, in response to a corporate-approved Challenge Question (using Spigit). By contrast, an Innovation Event can also be a simple, spontaneous outreach amongst one's peers to solve an immediate problem, using TeamTap. The latter Innovation Event would be called a Tap. You can post Taps to gather feedback, ideas, or inspiration from the wider group.



Tap or Challenge?

To further clarify what the main drivers would be between doing a Tap versus a Challenge, ask yourself two questions:

What is the audience size?

When you're looking for simple engagement, for example, team or department-level participation, a Tap is more appropriate.

Is there a workflow required?

Are you just looking for quick answers and something more basic? If there's a need for hundreds of ideas, a workflow, and the idea graduation funnel, then a Challenge is more appropriate.


In this guide we'll show you how to configure events in this new platform, how to run or Respond to a Tap, as well as Best Practices for optimizing your results.