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Idea Team Members Feature Administration


The Idea Team Member feature can be enabled on the Idea Home Page, promoting a collaborative environment and adding additional functionality and graduation abilities. Idea Team members are automatically set up to follow the idea and receive email notifications when comments, votes, and other idea-related activities occur. 


How it Works

Having others on your Idea Team reviewing your idea increases its potential value, as more people can collaborate, help develop, and promote your idea. In some cases, the community administrator might require that an idea has team members before graduating to the next stage. Additionally, Idea Team Members added through the widget can gain additional permissions, such as idea editing.

As an idea owner, you can choose to invite users to be team members for your idea. Moreover, other users can request to become a team member for your idea. Additionally, if you created the idea, you can decide how to structure your stock offering.


How to Create Idea Teams

Users can leverage the Team Member widget to recruit a team or request to be a team member. Notifications are sent to the Spigit Inbox and the user's email address.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Display & Branding > Site Editor.
  2. Find the ViewIdea page on the left side of the page, select it.
  3. Add the ideahome_teammembers widget (Team Members widget) to the right column of the Content/Widgets tab.
  4. Navigate to the Idea Home page and the widget will appear.



Fig 1: Site Editor Configuration 



By selecting the checkbox for Display Join the Team on the Aministration > Idea Management > Idea Settings page, the feature is enabled.  


Fig 2: Display Join the Team checkbox must be selected to enable this feature



Fig 3: Join the Team feature has been added to the View Idea page




The Idea Team Member dropdown on the old challenge home page (AppHome) has a 10-person limit.



Trading with Teams (deprecated in 4.3.1)

The ability to offer virtual currency to team members is being retired with this release. This means that team member stock holding in an idea is no longer possible. All administration options relating to the stock option have been removed.

Impact: At upgrade, team members who had previously been granted stocks in return for their membership of an idea team will have them removed. This will not impact any earned currency as stock options only converted when an idea was closed. Previously closed ideas and associated stock options will not be impacted.

For 4.3: In the 4.3 Release Idea Team members also shared in the stock rewards upon successful idea closure if your site uses idea trading.

  1. The Stocks Available number is the total number of shares currently available, so in the Stocks Offering box, enter the number of stock shares each team member will earn.

  2. If you’re recruiting experts and moderators as well as regular team members, you may want to offer different numbers of shares to different types of users. Thus it makes sense to confine each invitation message to a single type of user, so that there’s no confusion as to who gets how many shares. You may want to check the profiles of people you’re considering as experts before inviting them onto the team. To see the profiles of experts already known to your site, click the Ideas button and click the to expand the Experts Panel box.

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