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Excel Reporting


The Challenge Wizard allows challenges to be run for as little as five minutes to support ideation methodologies that focus on a shorter time span, such as hackathons, or innovation sprints.

To further support these methodologies, we embedded a series of Excel-based reports so that reports can be run instantly from within Spigit. These reports will help your team track idea progress and activity when running shorter events. For additional Spigit reporting methodologies, see the article Spigit Insights.

How it Works

Excel reports are available from the Reports page, which can be added as a navigation tab using the Site Editor, if desired. All reports are in .xlsx format and can be found at /Page/Reports.


This format benefits your team with support for a much larger data set: 1,048,576 records as compared to 65,536 records with .xls. 

Available reports include:

  • Idea Selection Report - The Idea Selection Report includes detailed information on each idea in a selected stage. It can be used to facilitate an effective selection meeting, post-challenge. See this article for more information on how to facilitate a meeting for selecting ideas
  • Idea Tracking Report - The Idea Tracking Report can be used to report values gathered through the idea closure form. See more information on the Idea Closure form here. 
  • Dynamic Idea Report - an in-depth view of ideas submitted, including customized idea template fields, and idea engagement metrics (votes, comments, ratings, reviews).
  • Dynamic Review Report - an overview of idea reviews and completed tasks.
  • Ideas Activity Report - an in-depth view of idea activity and engagement. Includes the source of where the idea was submitted, either by Desktop or Mobile.
  • Rapid Report - a quick view of idea engagement metrics, such as ratings, number of comments, and replies.
  • User Tasks Report - an overview of users with task assignments, along with the number of open or completed tasks.

These Excel reports supplement what is already available through our Insights platform.