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Planview Customer Success Center

Customer Vanity URL Support



As of August 1st 2020, all new customers will need to adopt the standard approach to their sites. This will improve our turn around times on site certificates, improve the customer experience and standardise our SSO approaches in the future. All existing vanity URLs will continue to be supported post August 1st 2020.



To create a vanity URL for your Spigit instance, please submit a ticket following the below process:

1. Customer submits a case requesting a vanity URL.

2. Spigit Customer Care will provide the Spigit cname.

3. The customer will create a DNS record for the Vanity URL, pointing to the cname address.

4. The customer will provide Spigit with an SSL certificate and private key that supports the Vanity URL.

Once provided, the Spigit Operations team will complete the request and/or follow up as needed.