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Planview Customer Success Center

Product Release Cycle Cadence

In late 2019, we began the process of moving to shorter release cycles with the aim of delivering more product, more frequently. This process is now a reality, with three releases delivered in the last three months. During this time, we have been monitoring many factors around each release that include quality, feature delivery, and testing performance. We have now reached the point where we intend to shorten our release cycle down to every two weeks.

This is a major step forwards for the Spigit product, allowing more agility in our development cycle, improving application performance, and delivering value through new features, enhancements, and fixes at a higher cadence.

The process will remain as it is with upgrades being delivered to staging first before a move to production after a short testing window. These timings will be communicated in more detail prior to the roll out, but all upgrades will remain automatic across each geographical area.

It goes without saying that we will be continuing to deliver new features and capabilities for the Spigit application and this will be managed closely through our increased release cadence. In real terms, this means that some releases will contain minor enhancements and prioritized fixes while all major new features will be shipped deactivated until completed. When features require work to be spread across multiple releases, we will communicate progress but disable all components until the feature is ready for client use.

We are excited to be able to take this major step forward in our development process, which will result in improvements in performance, quality, and feature delivery achieved at a much higher pace. Combining this increased cadence with our Inner Circle program and roadmap for 2020 is something that we have been eager to achieve. We hope that you will agree that this step represents yet another major milestone for the Planview Spigit application.