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Power BI Consumption Options

Power BI is a business intelligence data visualization tool from Microsoft, which can be used to explore specific types of Planview Enterprise One data.  It allows non-technical end users in your organization to create analytics and dashboards by themselves, without the need for technical report development skills or a technical understanding of the data structure. They can create interactive dashboards with drill down functionality in minutes. The main advantage of this reporting solution is it's simplicity of use, while still being mature enough that it can be also be used by report developers for complex data modeling and visualization scenarios.

Power BI Consumption Options

Power BI enables different consumption options for end users, including Power BI Embedded, Power BI Desktop and the Microsoft Service.

Power BI Embedded

Power BI Desktop Service 

Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png Understanding Power BI Icon.png
  • Power BI Embedded is available in Spigit Release 4.5 and greater.
  • Free desktop tool without Office 365 account
  • Power BI Desktop Connector and Tableau Connector will be available in Spigit in September 2020.
  • Use for creating custom reports.
  • Data lives in Microsoft cloud service
  • Requires Office 365 account