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Planview Customer Success Center

Spam and the Spam Filter


A user may have their comment or idea caught in the spam filter, or a Moderator or Administrator may be trying to find an idea or comment that was caught in the spam filter. Both restricted domains as well as restricted words are contained in the blacklist.txt file, which is applied across your Spigit Instance. 

How it works

Spam will need to be approved by the Moderator or Administrator on the site. This is easily done through the My Pending Approvals widget on your profile page.

How to View your Pending Approvals

  1. Click your name in the upper right menu.
  2. Your pending approvals will appear on the next (Profile) screen.
  3. Click View Pending Approvals.


You will also see links on individual ideas or categories in the control panel if spam has been caught there, but the above widget will capture everything. Once you have clicked View Pending Approvals you will see the screen below where you can click Manage Spam to approve or remove any posts. There are occasionally false positives, just like when a good email goes into your spam filter, so those can just be approved.

4. Click Manage Spam.


5. Any Category or Idea spam will appear below the Manage Spam link, once clicked.

Jerk Chicken USE THIS.jpg

6. The flagged item will appear highlighted in yellow, and the Moderator or Administrator can either click Approve or Delete, after review.