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Idea Lightbox


 The Idea Lightbox in Planview Spigit provides a summary as well as single-click access to the full idea. On a challenge Overview page:

  1. Hovering over an idea tile produces a Quick View button on the idea image. Clicking that will open the idea lightbox.

RainbowCupcake.jpg       lightboxrainbow.jpg

Fig 1 - Quick View button on an idea tile and the Idea Lightbox.

  1. Alternately, on the challenge Overview page, clicking on the idea image or idea title link routes the user directly to the ViewIdea page.


Fig 2 - The View Idea page

The lightbox can be controlled by asking Spigit Support to restrict its availability.

Key Features

Comments are part of the idea display. You scroll down to see them, moving between the idea details and related commentary. When scrolling through the idea details, the idea title and image automatically minimize so that more of the idea details and commentary are visible. Once you begin to view the comments, the new comment box sticks to the bottom of the lightbox so that comments can be added easily at any time. When there are many comments to read, the most recent comments will display, along with an option to view previous comments.


The Statistics tab is accessible below the idea details, beside the comments.

The Activity tab has been removed to better match the Idea page.


The Idea page can be accessed by clicking on the idea title or image.

The lightbox availability includes the ViewIdeas page. When clicking an idea image or title, the lightbox appears on the page. Users can collaborate on, rate, or read the idea before clicking the close option and returning to their search/previous view of the ViewIdeas page.



The lightbox click counts as a "read" idea for the purposes of filtering “Ideas I have not viewed.”

The IdeaID is displayed on both the Idea Lightbox and ViewIdea page within the Statistics section.