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Challenge Overview Page/Challenge Home Page

Challenge Home: Duration 2 min.


The first interaction with the Planview Spigit system for most end users is the Challenge Home Page. This page is their window into their innovation program, meaning that the interface and experience of this page dictates their behavior moving forward. The Site Challenges display highlights challenge information; articulating challenge phases and status. 


Key Details

The challenge header lists the number of challenges that meet the selected viewing criteria.

When the Challenges page loads, up to three challenges load at a time. If there are more than three challenges, users may click on the Load More Challenges link at the bottom of the page to see more of the challenges that meet the selected criteria.


Challenge tiles display across the page. On each tile, engagement metrics are displayed in the primary brand color for greater visibility. Challenge phase details are simplified into a clear statement of the current phase, and remaining time in that phase.

Draft, Scheduled, Closed and Archived challenges contain a status banner across the challenge tile to differentiate them from ongoing challenges.

Closed (1).png

The Challenge Banner displays the full challenge question and description. Statistics are located within the banner itself. The banner contains a stock image design in addition to a stock image gallery for Administrators to choose from. WYSIWYG options allow custom content to be inserted while maintaining the format of the statistics icons.

Phase activities and information are layered into the design so that it automates administrator input from challenge creation.

Another core concept of our design approach is the clear highlighting of active stage details and activities.


The statistics also include a Chart Icon (see arrow below) that opens up the challenge statistics pop up. This is a feature that visually represents the activity across the challenge. The chart has an open permission that cannot be locked to specific roles or groups; it is a part of the core overview page widget and cannot be removed. 


The chart displays key challenge data including visits, ideas, comments, votes, and views. These statistics appear once the challenge has data in the relevant category. For example, if there are no votes (voting is deactivated or no votes have been received) registered then the votes chart will not appear.


Finally, the chart shows the visual plots of progress against a temporal axis which is standardized as a single day. This makes it possible to see each activity type over the course of the challenge by days of activity.

Each user is greeted by a personalized welcome message, which sits within the central action box. This message can be configured using the in-line language editor and can be changed at any point.


The call to action in the center of the box is standard with the page. This section dynamically alters depending on the challenge configuration, ensuring that the current activity is clearly sign-posted for users, with the aim of boosting user inputs and collaboration.

The default first action is "Enter your idea title here," and this will appear to each user when the Post Idea option is enabled for the challenge. Users can start their idea by entering the title here before continuing onto the Post Idea page, with the title automatically carried over.

The lower part of the Overview page surfaces ideas to the user. When rating is enabled, users will be directed to “Rate these ideas” and can do so from the Overview page. Each time the user returns to the page, the ideas appearing here will update, providing the user has carried out rating in their prior visit.

When a challenge closes, the action area notifies users and display any selected ideas from the challenge once the challenge administrator has made the selection.


Administrators will be prompted to select ideas from within the action area. Once completed, these will appear as Selected Ideas at the bottom of the Overview page, taking on the standard idea tile visual. The action section will then alter to Browse Ideas and link users to the View Idea.



Only editable widgets can be added to the Overview page. Leaderboards, etc. should be added to a separate page.





Q. How do I use the Challenge Overview Page after I've upgraded?

A. The Challenge Overview page can be enabled through the Site Editor


Q. What new activities do Phase Settings enable on the Challenge Overview Page?

A. See the attachment to this article: Challenge Homepage Configuration Matrix.